Proving a case is like building a house. The foundation is built, and then the walls, and then the roof. If you go in the wrong order, the house is not going to be very sturdy. Proving an injury case has the same complexity. One of the building blocks in many cases are expert witnesses. They’re used to fill in the gaps that prove an element of the case. For example: an engineer can explain what makes a product defective. Similarly, a driving instructors can explain what the rules of the road are. Other times, a doctor is used to explain how someone’s injury is likely to be permanent, and how that will affect him/her on a day to day basis.

Regardless of the type of expert, a lawyer’s job is to make sure that experts are used properly. Experts can be expensive, so its important to pick the right lawyer who knows when to use them, and also when not to use them. At Marcotte Law Firm, we have the experience of having hired hundreds of experts. We know when to hire them, and we know when to deploy them.

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