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If you regularly follow social media, you have probably seen hundreds of posts about dogs and children. Not only are pooches and kids cute together, but dogs may improve the mental and physical health of the young ones in your family. If a dog bites your son or daughter, though, he or she may end up with more than physical injuries. 

From broken bones to life-threatening infections, dog bites can result in serious bodily harm. Therefore, if a dog attacks your child, it is vital to seek emergency medical treatment. Your son or daughter may also need mental health therapy. That is, psychological scars may plague your child after a dog bite. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder 

Many, including us at Marcotte Law Firm, consider dogs to be man’s best friend. But, that doesn’t change the fact that dogs sometimes bite. What happens when a dog bite causes injury?

First, someone who was bitten does not need to show that the dog’s owner did anything wrong. Instead, this is governed by the rule of “strict liability.” In Massachusetts, when a dog bites a person, the dog’s owner or keeper are responsible for any injuries the person sustained. This is true in almost all situations, unless the bitten person was teasing or tormenting the dog.

In terms of injuries, they can range from a nip that requires a tetanus shot to large lacerations that require surgery. Regardless of the extent of the damage, the owner or keeper of the dog must pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. Amongst others, the owner or keeper must also compensate you if the dog bite leaves a scar. This can be especially important when the victim is a child.

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