Dog bites may leave children with psychological scars

If you regularly follow social media, you have probably seen hundreds of posts about dogs and children. Not only are pooches and kids cute together, but dogs may improve the mental and physical health of the young ones in your family. If a dog bites your son or daughter, though, he or she may end up with more than physical injuries. 

From broken bones to life-threatening infections, dog bites can result in serious bodily harm. Therefore, if a dog attacks your child, it is vital to seek emergency medical treatment. Your son or daughter may also need mental health therapy. That is, psychological scars may plague your child after a dog bite. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder 

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that occurs after experiencing a stressful event. Those with the condition may have flashbacks, nightmares or other symptoms. Unfortunately, PTSD may contribute to other mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Even worse, when children develop PTSD, they may experience developmental delays, causing problems with social skills, academics and normal child activities. 


A dog attack often leaves the victim with cynophobia, which is the fear of dogs. This phobia may interfere with your young one’s everyday life, especially if you live in a place where there are many companion animals. Similarly, a dog bite may cause your son or daughter to become agoraphobic, where leaving the house is downright frightening. 

Body image issues 

Even after a bite wound eventually heals, your child may have scarring to his or her face, hands, legs or other body parts. These scars may be a source of embarrassment for the young one in your family, causing a lifetime of body image issues. 

You want your son or daughter to have a happy and fulfilling life. Therefore, if a dog bites your child, you must realize the wounds may not only be skin deep. By ensuring your young one receives comprehensive care, you minimize his or her chances of developing long-term psychological scars from the attack. 

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