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When you’re hurt on the job and you can’t work, the insurance company should be paying your wages. However, what many people don’t know is that an insurance company can decide to stop paying you without much notice.

This is called the “Pay Without Prejudice” period. For the first 180 days you receive Workers Compensation, the insurance company can decide to stop paying you with only about a week’s notice.

If you’ve been on Workers Comp for more than 180 days, the insurance company can’t stop your benefits without getting approval from the Department of Industrial Accidents. Since this process can take a few months, it gives workers time to plan their finances.

The workers compensation system was created to make sure that injured workers can get quick and fair compensation when a work injury keeps them away from the job. But whenever you throw insurance companies into the mix, it’s not always that easy.

At Marcotte Law Firm, we always tell our clients that there are two ways to get workers compensation benefits. First, the insurance company can pay you voluntarily. Second, you can file a claim and get a judge to force them to file benefits. Obviously, the first option gets a check in your hand much faster than the second.

If the insurance company agrees to pay you voluntarily, you can get your first check in a week or two, and then either weekly or bi-weekly after that. If you have to file a claim and force the insurance company to pay, it can take up to 5 months to get in front of a judge.

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