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Client Reviews

After being involved in a serious auto accident, a family friend recommended Marcotte Law Firm in Lowell. Initially my family did all interactions with Marcotte Law Firm as I was unable to communicate in any form. My first meeting with Michael Molloy was shortly after I was finally moved to a rehab. To this day I still tell people I was, and still am, absolutely blown away this young man went all the way to the rehab to "chat" in person. Based on my injuries he wasn't too sure what to expect or if I could even communicate effectively enough to help him. He had me at hello and I haven't left.

Michael and his firm took care of everything. Never once did my family or I have to contact a doctor's office or an insurance company. Marcotte Law firm took that burden off us right from day one, allowing me to focus solely on getting well again. If I received anything in the mail or got a call directly I would contact Mike right away. He always said the same thing: "No problem. I'll take care of it. How is everything else going?"

Marcotte Law firm has since handled a few other things for me not accident related. My experience continues to be fantastic. Perhaps their motto could be simply "No problem. I'll take care of it" because that's exactly what they do.

- Marguerite Riley

Ken was very compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. He kept me informed throughout my case so I felt prepared and comfortable each time I had to appear in court. I would recommend Marcotte Law Firm without hesitation.

- Ronda Johnson

This team is of the utmost prestigious gentlemen I've come across! They handled my son's case as if it were their only. I recommend Marcottte Law Firm to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

- Robert Vogel

I appreciate you guys for working so diligently for me. Thanks for getting this resolved and being so professional.

- Robin Hood

Mr. Marcotte and his staff are courteous and respectful, I've known Mr. Marcotte for over 25 years and I recommend him and his colleagues as the best lawyers in Lowell and Massachusetts area . God Bless them all.

- Minerva Martinez

Marcotte Law Firm, especially Mr. Michael Najjar, have been nothing short of amazing, understanding and helpful.

Thank you all for your help and I would highly recommend going to them if needed.

Thank you.

- Abdullah AlRadaan

Been my go to law firm for many years. They care about their clients.

- Stefanie Bishop

I've gone to Marcotte (Attorney Molloy) a couple times in the past few years and have had a great experience both times (once for an accident and once for help with a business transaction). Everything was explained to me in plain English and both matters were handled quickly. I had no qualms about referring one of my customers to Marcotte, and they were also pleased with their representation.

- Anthony Mantia

Having to go to court was just about the last thing I want to be dealing with, but Mike Najjar took excellent care of me. I found him to be accessible, efficient and effective in handling my case.

Mike was fully prepared and organized the day of my hearing and made me feel at ease. I was happy with my outcome and he charged me a fair price for his services. The entire process was quite painless and I highly recommend working with him.

Thanks, Mike!

- Johanna Lovejoy

This is a terrific law firm. My interactions with it were largely with Attorney Michael Najjar, a superb lawyer and great person, who brought our case to a successful conclusion. After that, for several years, I had occasion to ask Mike to help my wife and I with legal issues related to the case. He was exceptionally generous with his time, even though we no longer clients.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Marcotte for the initial consultation, other lawyers who consulted and the office staff who were always friendly and down to earth. I highly recommend the Marcotte Law Firm.

- Richard Kollen

Michael Molloy is an absolute professional. He always responded to all of my questions extremely quickly. I would recommend Marcotte Law

- Kim Scott

Marcotte Law Firm has helped me so much when I was in my car accident. I can't thank everyone enough, especially Juan Feliciano. Thank you for being so supportive and positive through it all. I recommend any and everyone to call Marcotte Law Firm for the best outcome! Thanks again!

My blessings to everyone!

- Stephanie St George

Took care of my case in a prompt professional manner. Great people, easy to talk with.

- Dave M

I had a Work accident that I end up on Disability, one day I get a call from the works comp insurance saying that they will stop my payments by the end of the month, I spoke with a couple friends about it and they all said get a lawyer to help you thru the legal process so I did, contacted this law firm from Boston and end up with lawyer, he schedule the first hearing to start the process, a week before the hearing a got a notice saying the hearing been reschedule for another date 5 weeks later, at his point I was desperate and decided to fire the lawyer and get a new one, after talking to a couple people they recommended the Marcotte Law Firm, so I call them and setup appointment, I had a new Lawyer to represent me, it was one of the best decisions I made.

Attorney Michael Molloy toke ownership of my case and kept me informed on every step of the way, and he got me a settlement I deserved, excellent job. I highly recommend Attorney Molloy and Marcotte Law Firm.

Thanks again!

- Manuel Ribeiro

I was in a car accident that resulted in my car being totaled, a broken hand, and other injuries to my neck and back, along with the financial struggles that come with an auto accident. Luckily, Marcotte Law Firm took the stress off of my shoulders. Attorney Michael Molloy kept me informed on my case every step of the way, and he was able to get me a settlement I deserved. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Attorney Molloy and Marcotte Law Firm. Thanks again!

- Kimberly Aponte

When I was in an auto accident Marcotte Law Firm was there every step of the way. No BS just results! A 5 STAR legal service!

- Will Briere

When your looking for the right lawyer to do the job Michael Molloy is that person. Michael help me with a situation where had an X employer whom was trying to keep me from working and with Michael's knowledge and expertise I was able to keep working at the job I love! Thank you Michael!

- Joyce Perfetti

Great Law firm

- Edward Larson

Knowledgeable and Professional when they worked on my case.

- Joseph Agri