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Supermarket Injury Lawyer

Every store owner is required to make sure it is safe for its customers. The reasoning behind this makes sense: if a store is going to make money off inviting customers in to buy its product, it shouldn’t have any dangerous conditions that could hurt its paying customers.

Supermarkets add another layer to that: they are designed for you to never look where you’re going. Everything you see in a supermarket is designed to make you pay attention to what they’re selling. Whether it’s the nicely stacked piles of produce that are glistening with the water that was just sprayed on it or a whole aisle dedicated to chips and other unhealthy snacks, chances are that you’re looking at the shelves and not the floor.

Types of Supermarket Injuries

Supermarket injuries happen in more ways that you can think, but our experience shows that there are certain types of injuries that are most common:

  • Slips on Spills: The nature of a supermarket is that customers will inevitably drop something and cause a spill. How many times have you heard “Cleanup on Aisle 9” on the loudspeaker? Whether it's a jar of tomato sauce or a carton of milk, these liquids can cause severe injuries if someone slips on them.
  • Collections of Water at the Entrance: No matter the weather, people need to go to the grocery store. So, they put on their raincoats, get their umbrellas, and go to the store. The result is that when they get into the store, they track water in with them. Whether it’s wet boots or shaking out an umbrella, this water can collect and pool at the store entrances, causing a dangerous condition.
  • Slips on Produce: Gravity is undefeated. No matter how nicely apples, avocados, or kiwis are stacked, a customer picking up the wrong piece of fruit can cause another piece to fall, sometimes without the customer noticing. Another customer stepping on one of these pieces of fruit can cause falls and serious injuries.
Supermarket Videos

Supermarket owners are notorious for having cameras cover every inch of their store. The reason is purely selfish: they want to catch anyone trying to steal, and also deter anyone from even trying. One of the byproducts of this is that most Supermarket falls are caught on camera. This is important to see not only how the fall happened, but also how the substance got on the floor and how long it was there.

Unfortunately, Supermarkets are also notorious for withholding the video. The reason is simple: the video footage proves that the supermarket was negligent. If the video helped them, they’d show you right away. Instead, the insurance company either claims that the video is lost or even misrepresents to you what it shows. It forces you to hire a lawyer and go to Court just to get an honest look at what happened.

Experienced Supermarket Injury Lawyers

At Marcotte Law Firm, we have represented hundreds of people who have injured themselves at Supermarkets. We know all the tricks they use, and we know how to get around all their maneuvers.

If you or a loved one were injured at a Supermarket, call the experienced Personal Injury Attorneys are Marcotte Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation.

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