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Snow & Ice Accidents

What If I’m in a Car Accident During Winter Weather?

In Massachusetts, it’s only a matter of time before you have to drive in poor conditions. Whether it’s dusting of snow in December or a nor'easter in April, Massachusetts drivers have to confront the elements. Unlike many southern states, it takes quite a bit of snow to force people to stay home. So, if you want to survive life in Massachusetts, you have to learn how to drive in the snow.

The Massachusetts driver's manual acknowledges that vehicles act differently on snow and ice than on warm, dry pavement. Turns become more difficult, and stopping takes more time. In addition to practicing in these conditions, there are many things that a driver should do when driving in winter conditions:

  • Slow down. Even traveling at the speed limit can be risky and dangerous in some conditions
  • Keep more space between you and other vehicles. This gives extra wiggle room should someone’s vehicle do something unexpected due to the conditions
  • Stay away from plows so they can do their job
  • Keep in mind that some roads, such as bridges, can become icy when other roads remain ice-free
  • Ensure that your car is prepped for winter driving by checking your tires, windshield wipers, and all fluid levels.

Unfortunately, many drivers take unnecessary risks when driving in poor conditions. Instead of taking extra time, leaving extra room, and slowing down, some drivers act like the roads were clear and dry. This can lead to serious injuries.

Some of the more routine injuries that occur in snow and ice car accidents include:

Less Damage to Cars

One of the ironic aspects to car accidents that happen in Winter Conditions is that sometimes there is less damage to the vehicles than there would have been had there not been snow or ice. This is because when a car’s tires are on snow or ice instead of the pavement, it’s easier for the vehicle to slide because of an impact. Therefore, a bumper might not be damaged.

Insurance companies then look at photos of the damage and think that it’s impossible that someone was injured in what they think was a relatively minor collision. They will deny your claim, even though they understand that the snow and ice might prevent damage to the car, but it won’t prevent injury to the occupants.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

If you were in a car accident while driving in winter conditions, you need an experienced lawyer. This lawyer will show the insurance company that while the other driver might have been driving safely if he/she had been in normal, dry conditions, the snow and/or ice on the ground at the time turned safe driving into dangerous driving. If the other driver had simply been more cautious, the accident might not have happened.

At Marcotte Law Firms, we’ve handled countless snow and ice car accidents that happened in winter conditions. We’ve settled these cases, and we’ve taken them to trial. We know the details.

If you’ve been injured in a snow and ice car accident, call the Car Accident lawyers at Marcotte Law FIrm for a free consultation.

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