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When an injury results in a scar, it can be a constant reminder of one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. Having a scar also often leads to others asking where it came from. Again, this causes a person to have to explain a terrible event in that person’s life. However, the worst part is the self-conscious aspect of a scar. If you have a prominent scar, you may always think that others are staring at you, even when they aren’t.

What Kinds of Injuries Cause Scars?

There are many different types of scars. However, there are some types of injuries and types of accidents that can cause scarring:

  • Dog Bites: Whether a dog bites your forearm or face, scars often form as a result of the attack.
  • Burns: Burns can often result in significant scarring. As a burn gets more severe, scarring becomes more likely to occur. This is especially true if skin grafts are required.
  • Car Accidents: Whether it’s an airbag hitting you in the face or the interior of the car causing a deep cut, scarring can result.
  • Surgery: If an injury required surgery, the various incision marks may develop into a severe scar.
What Are the Elements of a Scar?

One of the most difficult types of injuries to evaluate is a scar. But, there are a few factors that go into evaluating a scar when trying to determine how bad it is:

  • Where Is The Scar: Obviously, the more visible a scar is the worse it is considered. A scar on someone’s cheek may never be able to be hidden, while a scar on someone’s back can be covered up in most instances.
  • Color of the Scar: If the scar is a much different color than the tone of your skin, it makes it more prominent. Because everyone’s skin is different, this is a unique aspect of each person’s scar. Also important is that if you become tan during the summer, the discoloration of the scar can, and often is, more noticeable.
  • Size of the Scar: The bigger a scar is, the worse it is. Size is measured differently depending on its type. For example, a scar from a burn injury will be measured by surface area, whereas a scar from a surgical incision will likely b measured by length.
Other Factors

There are many other factors that go into a Scar evaluation for purposes of compensation:

  • Male or Female: Depending on the type of scar, it’s severity may be affected by whether it’s a man or a woman who has the scar. There are many reasons, both good and bad.
  • Age: A scar on a child is often more devastating than for an adult. To a certain extent, it’s because the younger you are, the longer you’ll have to live with a scar. But, there is also the fact that a child will have to go through the already awkward teenage years having to explain a scar, which may often be a source of teasing.
  • Other Lifestyle Issues: A facial scar is usually more devastating to a model than to a construction worker. Since every person’s life is different, it may alter how a scar affects your life.
Do I Need a Lawyer?

A scar is one of the most difficult things to “value” when trying to determine what fair compensation is. People can disagree in good faith. That is why it’s important to have an attorney who can go through all the factors and present your case to the insurance company.

Every scar is different, and everyone’s life is different. With so many factors in play, you need an experienced lawyer who can explain how the scar affects you.

If you have a scar as the result of someone else’s negligence, call the attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm for a free consultation.

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