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Road Rage Accidents

Massachusetts Road Rage Accident Lawyers

Everyone once in a while, we’re behind the wheel and we see another car acting recklessly. We often mutter to ourselves and our passengers “What is this crazy person doing?” Sometimes, reckless driving is just someone making a bad decision by speeding, swerving in and out of traffic, or tailgating. Other times, it can be more; it can be Road Rage.

According to the National Highway Safety Travel Association, Road Rage became a term used when a driver operates a vehicle extremely aggressively, angrily, and/or violently. These are often stories that you see on the news. Something triggers a driver that makes him or her do something he/she would not otherwise do. People who usually drive carefully are driven to act recklessly or even intentionally to drive in a manner that is a nuisance and danger to others on the road.

There are many things that contribute to Road Rage. These include:

  • Traffic Congestion: Anyone who drives in Massachusetts knows that Traffic can drive you crazy;
  • Anonymity: People in their cars know that if they make an aggressive maneuver around other vehicles, they will most likely never see each other again. This is the same concept as to why people are able to be much meaner and direct on social media than they are in thor everyday lives
  • Mental Health: Some people with mental health conditions can unfortunately be more prone to driving aggressively.

While any one factor will rarely trigger Road Rage by itself, a combination of factors can lead to a driver exhibiting the behavior of Road Rage. These include:

  • Speeding
  • Weaving in and out of Traffic
  • Disobeying traffic controls like stop signs and red lights
  • Tailgating

Road rage accidents often lead to serious, if not catastrophic injuries. When other drivers speed, weave in traffic, and disregard red lights, it can put you at risk for high speed collisions. Unfortunately, these collisions are usually the cause of most serious injuries. Road Rage Collisions can cause countless injuries. However, they often cause injuries such as:

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

If you were injured because of a Road Rage Car Accident, you need an experienced lawyer. You are likely entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. An experienced lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve, even when the insurance companies don’t want to pay.

Beyond all the experience necessary to properly handle a normal car accident case, there is one added complication: intentional actions are usually not covered by insurance. While every car has at least some insurance to cover accidents caused by negligence, these policies will not cover an accident if a driver acts intentionally. So while someone negligently hitting a parking lot will be covered, if someone intentionally tries to run you over, insurance might not be available. An experienced attorney will help develop the facts of your case in a way to ensure that every avenue of recovery is available, including insurance.

If a Road Rage Accident injured you, call the experienced Personal Injury lawyers at Marcotte Law Firm. We have the decades of experience necessary to get the compensation you deserve. Please call us at (978) 458-1229 or contact us for a free consultation.

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