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Rear-End Accidents

One of the most common types of car accidents that we see is the rear-end car accident. This is true even though many modern cars claim to have safety devices that prevent these types of collisions from happening. The typical type is where a vehicle is stopped at an intersection and the driver behind him/her is either following too closely or is simply paying attention. Depending on the speed of the collision, as well as other factors, these collisions can cause injuries that are severe.

Types of Rear End Car Accidents

Rear End Car Accidents can happen in any situation where one car is following another. However, we tend to see these types of accidents most commonly in these situations:

  • Rear End Accidents at Stop Signs: People are often rear ended at Stop Signs. Sometimes it is because the driver did not see that there was a stop sign. Other times, it’s because the other driver assumed that the car in front of them would start driving forward sooner
  • Rear End Accidents at Traffic Lights: These accidents have many root causes. If a light is green, but traffic causes a vehicle to stop, rear end car accidents happen if a driver is not paying attention. If a light is yellow, a cautious driver can stop while an aggressive driver behind him/her tries to beat the light. If a light is red, some inattentive drivers are simply not paying attention.
  • Rear End Accidents on the Highway: When there is traffic on the highway, many rear end accidents happen as cars stop and go. Sometimes, though, rear end accidents can happen when both vehicles are traveling at highway speeds. In either situation, these types of Highway Accidents can cause Serious, if not Catastrophic injuries, and even death.
  • Rear End Accidents on a Rotary: Rotaries have many benefits when compared to other intersection types. However, they do sometimes lead to rear end collisions. This is because drivers often look left to see if there was oncoming traffic, only to miss that the car in front of them stopped.
  • Rear End Accidents in Traffic: On any road, Rear End Accidents happen often in traffic. A driver might think the car in front is able to begin driving at normal speeds, only to stop suddenly when traffic builds ahead. If a driver is going too fast, not giving enough space, or simply not paying attention, he/she can cause a rear end collision.

Many times, rear end collisions cause a chain reaction. If your car is hit hard enough that it is pushed into the car in front of you, it can cause injuries in both vehicles. This can happen when a large car hits a smaller car, or when the vehicle causing the collision is speeding. One of the added elements to these cases is that there is often a dispute as to which car caused the multi-car collision.

Injuries in a Rear End Collision

There is no limit to the kinds of injuries that can arise in Rear End Car Collisions. However, there are some that happen more often:

  • Spinal Injuries: The most common type of injury in Rear End Collision are spinal injuries to the neck and back. As seat belt use became more common, it caused a spike in neck injuries as inertia pushes a person’s unrestrained head back and forth in these collisions.
  • Hand and Wrist Injuries: These commonly occur as a result of a driver holding the steering wheel
  • Knee Injuries: Inertia can push a person’s knees into the dashboard, causing injury.

Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you need a lawyer who has experience to get you the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies do all they can to minimize your injuries, and you need someone who will fight for you.

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