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Did You Suffer A Serious Bone Fracture?

If you broke a bone in an accident in your car, on your bike, while walking, at work or on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation, personal injury or third-party liability compensation. While insurance companies were put in place to help injured individuals recoup after an accident, they are often hesitant to provide the full amount owed. By hiring an experienced attorney, you are letting the insurance companies know that you mean business.

At Marcotte Law Firm, our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience working with a wide range of individuals who have broken bones due to the negligence of another. Approaching each case collaboratively, our clients are given a team of legal professionals that actively pursues the best results possible, regardless of its complexity. Broken bones can result from any number of situations. We work with individuals who have been hurt in the following:

  • Motor vehicle crashes, including truck accidents, texting while driving accidents, rollover accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Worksite accidents, including construction accidents, ladder and scaffolding accidents, heavy equipment and truck accidents, loading and unloading accidents, third-party liability claims
  • Premises liability accidents, including slip-and-fall accidents, snow and ice injuries, dog bites

Children and adults have very different recovery processes when it comes to broken bones. A child is more likely to bounce back rather quickly, with little long-term evidence of the break. An adult’s skeletal structure, however, has set and a broken bone of any kind can put an individual in a vulnerable position both in the short and long term.

Our lawyers are committed to standing by your side even after you have reached a medical end result. In many cases, there are still lingering effects even after a doctor tells you that they have done everything they can. You should not have to live with this pain without the financial support you need. We are here to help.

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