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Skilled Help For Victims Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

No one expects to be in an accident involving a large truck, but when it happens, those involved find themselves having to deal with a host of medical and legal issues. At Marcotte Law Firm, we understand the complexities of a truck accident and are committed to guiding clients through this difficult process.

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We are committed to helping you recover maximum compensation for your injuries, so you can focus on recovering both physically and emotionally. We help the family members of wrongful death victims find answers to why the accident happened.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Hundreds of truck accidents occur on Massachusetts highways every year, several of which are fatal. At Marcotte Law Firm, we have represented individuals and family members who have been involved in truck accidents caused by the following:

  • Speeding
  • Tire blowouts
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Undertrained truck drivers
  • Cellphone use
  • Failure to do proper truck inspection (tires, brakes, etc.)

Accidents involving a car and a large truck often result in serious injuries to the car’s driver and passengers. Cars are not engineered to withstand a crash with a large truck. Consequently, a large number of these car-truck accidents are fatal.

Insurance Matters

Following a truck accident, victims soon find themselves having to deal with the insurance company. This can be a particularly difficult matter to handle, and many choose to settle for whatever the insurance company offers them in the initial settlement.

Our lawyers know better than to trust insurance companies. Our attorneys are well-versed in insurance law and have significant experience with accident-related insurance claims. We strive to recover maximum compensation for clients by analyzing both their short- and long-term medical and financial needs. We handle cases both in and out of court ― whatever is in the best interest of each client.

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