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Negligent Security and Assault cases

Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or professional sporting event, businesses invite customers in to spend money and enjoy themselves. But, it’s not always fun and games, especially when alcohol is involved. What would have been a minor disagreement between two sober people can escalate really quickly when one or more of the people involved has been drinking.

Is Security Necessary?

When the owner of a restaurant, bar, mall, or any other establishment decides whether it needs to provide security, the decision is not made in a vacuum. Almost every place where the public is welcome has had at least one fight between customers, or even between a customer and an employee. But while some businesses see a fight or an assault once a decade, others see them much more frequently.

There are many bars and restaurants that have fights break out more often you would think. Whether they’re yearly, monthly, or even weekly, if an establishment has people routinely fighting, it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

What is Security Supposed to Do?

There are many functions of a security guard, or even a bouncer at a bar. Their job is to be proactive in making sure that there are no problems. If there is security at the entrance of an establishment, the security guard is doing more than checking an ID. He or she is supposed to be ensuring that intoxicated patrons aren’t being let in to drink more. He or she is supposed to be making sure that there are no weapons let into the facility. A security guard or bouncer who decides whether to admit a patron is looking to see if a particular person will be a danger to himself or others.

Security’s job doesn’t stop once a patron enters the building. Security’s job is to keep monitoring the facility and its patrons to see if there are any warning signs for things that can escalate. Security needs to make sure that no one is becoming overly intoxicated. Security needs to ensure that an argument is not allowed to turn into a fistfight. Security is also there to make sure that someone does not get assaulted by someone else.

What Kind of Things Happen Due to Negligent Security?

The most common types of injuries that happen due to negligent security is an assault. Assault comes in many forms:

  • Assault can simply mean when one person attacks another without provocation.
  • Assault can also stem from an argument that turns into a physical altercation;
  • Assault can also mean a sexual assault, which also comes in many forms.

What’s true in all of these cases is that if the restaurant, bar, or other venue had better or more attentive security, most of these assaults would never happen.

Experienced Attorneys

If you’ve been physically or sexually assaulted, you need an attorney who is experienced to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. This means not simply pursuing the person who assaulted you. It means investigating the circumstances where it happened to determine if someone else is at fault.

If a bar has a long history of fights, you might not know. These facilities want you to feel safe so you spend your money, even if it's all a sham.

At Marcotte Law Firm, we have had many successes representing people who were assaulted due to negligent security. We uncover the information necessary to prove your case.

If you’ve been assaulted, call the negligent security attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm for a free consultation.

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