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Fire & Explosion Injuries

Throughout human history, fire has been a building block of society. Unfortunately, fires and explosions have caused serious damage. Famous examples include the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD, the San Francisco Fires of 1851, and the Columbia Gas Explosions in 2018. What these all have in common is that they have caused significant property damage and more importantly, took the lives of innocent people.

How do Fire and Explosion Injuries Happen?

Anywhere there’s fire, heat, or anything that’s combustible, there is the potential for significant damage. Though these injuries can happen in a variety of circumstances, we see them most often in the following situations:

  • House Fires: Whenever someone rents a place to live, there’s an assumption that the place is safe. However, while it’s easy to see certain safety issues in a house or apartment, it’s impossible to see faulty wiring and other hazards that can lead to a fire. It can also be a struggle to get landlords to keep up with fire alarm requirements. Next thing you know, you’re waking up to a smoke filled room and are in a life or death situation.
  • Industrial Explosions: Many types of manufacturing involves working with high temperatures. Similarly, many biotech companies work with combustible chemicals. Explosions can cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Kitchen Injuries: Whether a kitchen is residential or commercial, kitchens have multiple dangerous appliances. Beyond stoves and ovens, many kitchens have fryers, toasters, and warming appliances that can cause significant injury.
Burn Injuries

If you’re lucky enough to survive a fire or an explosion, it doesn’t mean you escaped unscathed. Burn injuries are common with these types of accidents. But what people don’t often understand is that different types of burns can cause different types of injuries, depending on the severity.

  • 1st Degree Burns: These are “minor” types of burns, though they do cause significant pain. 1st Degree Burns damage the outer layer of the skin and surface of the body.
  • 2nd Degree Burns: These burns cause damage not only to the outer layer of the skin, but also the under layer of the skin. This causes pain, swelling, redness, and blistering.
  • 3rd Degree Burns: These burns go beneath the skin, cause significant damage and will almost always result in scarring.
  • 4th Degree Burns: These burns are so thick that they burn through the nerve endings, causing a significant, but painless injury.
Burn Injuries at Work

Whether it’s manufacturing or working in a kitchen, many fire and explosion injuries happen on the job. This means that those who suffer these injuries are eligible for Workers Compensation benefits. In addition to the normal medical bill and lost wage benefits, these injured workers are also entitled to make a claim for loss of function and scarring.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

At Marotte Law Firm, we have experience with injuries caused by fires and explosions. Whether your injuries happened on the job or at home, you need an experienced attorney to make sure you are compensated. These injuries are serious, and sometimes deadly. We understand that, and we know that these injuries will affect you for the rest of your life.

If you’ve been injured in a fire or explosion, call the experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at Marcotte Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation.

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