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Fatal Construction Site Accidents

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Whenever we work for someone else, there’s always an agreement between the two parties. The employee agrees to come to work every day and work hard. The employer agrees to pay the employee for his or her work. But, there’s also another part of the bargain that rarely gets thought about: the employer agrees to provide a safe place to work.

The obligation to provide a safe work environment is most important for people who work in the trades. There are many risks, which range from working on a roof, using dangerous equipment, and being around heavy objects. Many of the things a construction worker does involves an inherent danger. 

If your loved one was killed on a Construction Site, you probably have many questions. The first is that there are many details about what happened. Even in seemingly obvious situations like a fall from a ladder, getting a clear picture of what happened can be difficult. When you complicate that with all the other ways your life has changed already, your head will be spinning.

Who Is Responsible?

If your loved one was killed in a construction site accident, you will likely be entitled to Workers Compensation death benefits. These benefits are intended to replace the money your loved one was earning in his/her job.  However, there are many things that Workers’ Compensation will not cover. This includes pain and suffering. 

In Massachusetts, you cannot sue your employer if workers compensation coverage is available. So, if your loved one’s employer or co-employees negligently caused the death, you might be limited to workers comp coverage.

Wrongful Death Claim

In construction sites, it’s rare that there aren’t multiple companies working on the same project at the same time. Whether it’s a general contractor, HVAC technician, electrician, plumber, or any trade, each worker has the responsibility to keep the job site safe for everyone else. If your loved one was killed due to the negligence of another company or its employees, you could be entitled to compensation beyond the Workers Compensation Benefits.

When you file a wrongful death claim, you can’t bring your loved one back. But, you can lessen the financial blow from losing him/her. You (and your children) can file a claim to help pay your bills. You also file a claim for your loss of consortium. This means a reimbursement for the emotional toll of not having your loved one around.

Experienced Wrongful Death Lawyers

When it comes to a fatal accident, companies and insurance companies take these claims very seriously. Not serious in the sense that they want to compensate you for your devastating loss, but serious in the sense that they will do everything they can to deny that it’s their fault. You need an experienced lawyer who can go toe-to-toe with the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve.

At Marcotte Law Firm, we have decades of experience handling catastrophic injuries, including having represented many families who have lost loved ones due to negligence. We know the toll it takes on families to not only lose a loved one, but also have to fight the insurance companies afterwards. It extends the grieving period, and it doesn’t give you the ability to move on with your life.

If you lost a loved one to a Construction Site Injury, whether a spouse, child, or parent, call the experienced Wrongful Death Lawyers at Marcotte Law Firm for a free consultation.

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Marcotte Law firm has since handled a few other things for me not accident related. My experience continues to be fantastic. Perhaps their motto could be simply "No problem. I'll take care of it" because that's exactly what they do. Marguerite Riley
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Mr. Marcotte and his staff are courteous and respectful, I've known Mr. Marcotte for over 25 years and I recommend him and his colleagues as the best lawyers in Lowell and Massachusetts area . God Bless them all. Minerva Martinez
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