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Do I Need a Lawyer?

Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is much like going to a Dentist. You don't need a lawyer for everyday life, just like you don't need a dentist to brush your teeth. But when you are in pain, you sure appreciate your dentist. Getting Social Security Disability Benefits is often a lot like pulling teeth. It's not something you should do on your own, and an attorney can make it less painful.

A lawyer's help often reduces the confusion, delay and the uncertainty of pursuing a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim. If you move fast enough in getting an attorney, the lawyer's help will be very inexpensive.

A Lawyer Can Help You Apply Right Away

The Social Security uses the term "date of onset,' which is the date you can no longer perform substantial and gainful employment activity. Substantial and Gainful Employment is only $1,200.00 per month. You should apply immediately after your work stops. You should meet a lawyer to plan for your disability claim before you stop working. You will not get paid for the first five months after your onset date when you become disabled. For SSI applicants, that five- month exclusion does not apply.

Knowing that most people will have problems paying the mortgage or rent, moving quickly is crucial. Often, we will counsel the client to cut expenses drastically, sock away enough to survive for 5 months after work stops. Get friends, relatives, co-workers and employers to write letters explaining how your disabilities have changed you from being productive. Explain and give examples of why you can no longer work. Have the letters signed, dated and with telephone or email contacts. Give these letters to the attorney, because they can help get you benefits quicker.

A Lawyer Can Pull Out All The Stops

The lawyer will sometimes enlist the help of the U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative for the district where the claimant resides. The government is supposed to be the servant of the people and our representatives have every right to ensure that the servants are attentive to their constituents' needs.

As one recent example, a U.S. senator, prompted by the attorney, asked Social Security why the claimant was not approved under the "compassionate allowance' standard. The Social Security administrator said the allowance did not apply to the particular disability. When the lawyer gave the senator the relevant written standard and the doctor's letter saying the standard applied, the senator's office called back minutes later and said the disability claim was now approved. While that doesn't happen in every case, only a lawyer will know when is the right time to make the call.

Experienced Lowell Social Security Disability Lawyers

Knowing that time is of the essence, the Lowell Social Security Disability Attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm make all the contacts necessary to get a quick approval of your claim. Our Lowell SSD lawyers know that in a process that can sometimes take many months, there's no extra time to waste. People who are applying for disability don't have the luxury to wait for benefits; the bills need to be paid now.

If you've been on the fence about talking to a lawyer about your Disability claim, there's no reason to wait. Our Lowell SSD Attorneys offer free consultations, and there's often no out of pocket expenses should you hire us. Call today.

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