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Deliver Truck Accidents

Lowell, Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyers

Delivery trucks are everywhere. Whether it’s a large truck delivering furniture or a smaller truck delivering something you ordered online, you’ll see trucks that come in all shapes and sizes. Delivery trucks are notorious for causing many accidents of different kinds. When that happens, you need a truck accident lawyer with the experience necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Illegal Parking

One of the problems of having to deliver items is parking. A delivery driver has to find a place to park that isn’t too far from the place that the products are being delivered. In some places, this isn’t a problem. Many residential streets have plenty of space for a truck to safely park. However, there are many city streets where there isn’t enough nearby parking, even with certain areas designated for commercial vehicles.

When a delivery truck gets illegally parked, it can make the roadway dangerous for other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. When an accident is caused when someone has to avoid an illegally parked delivery truck, the delivery driver may be responsible, even if he or she wasn’t even in the car.

Time Restraints

Being a delivery driver is stressful. Not only do you have to deliver a variety of items to a variety of people, but you also have certain time restraints. No matter what company a driver is working for, there are a certain amount of deliveries that need to be made. This can cause drivers to drive faster and more carelessly than the normally would have.

Employee or Independent Contractor

One of the trickiest parts of pursuing these claims is figuring out who is responsible. While you can always pursue a claim against an individual driver, those claims will usually also be covered by the company that employs the driver and/or owns the truck. But, sometimes that company that is responsible isn’t the company whose name is on the truck.

Whether it’s a big box store or an online retailer making deliveries, it’s often a different company that handles delivery. Sometimes, the driver is an independent contractor who owns his/her own company that handles “logistics.” This can cause a nightmare process of trying to find out who is responsible and making sure that there’s enough insurance to cover your claim.

Lowell Truck Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured by a delivery truck, you need a Lowell Truck Accident Lawyer who has the experience necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Many delivery trucks are put into an array of LLCs and Corporations for the sole purpose of skirting liability for any injuries caused by the truck or the truck driver. If you hire a lawyer who doesn’t have the necessary experience, you could be letting them get away with it.

At Marcotte Law Firm, our truck accident attorneys don’t let that happen. We peel back the onion to hold accountable those who are responsible. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that there’s enough money to compensate you for your injuries.

If you’ve been hurt by a delivery truck, call the experienced Truck Accident Lawyers at Marcotte Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation.

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