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Daycare Injury Lawyers

Daycare is expensive. Every parent knows that. Whether your child’s daycare is in a person’s home or at a professional center, rates are through the roof. There’s a reason for this: it takes a lot of work to watch young children. Kids have to be watched at all times to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or others.

Unfortunately, daycare workers can become complacent and take their eyes off the kids. It only takes a second for a child to be injured. Whether it’s one child injuring another or a child falling from a table she shouldn’t be on, a child can be injured in the blink of an eye.

Lack of Supervision

The reason daycare is so expensive is because children need to be watched at all times. To make sure this happens, there are laws that limit the amount of children that can be watched by a provider at any particular time. These limits vary by age. For example, babies that are 18 months old can have 4 children assigned to a single caretaker. Children who are 4 years old and in preschool can have 10 children assigned to a single caretaker/teacher.

If a daycare is not following staffing laws, it puts the children at risk. More children and fewer staff can lead to dangerous conditions. When a daycare has to inevitably focus on one child who is having a problem or changing a dirty diaper, understaffed daycares leave many other children unsupervised.


A typical type of injury that happens in daycare is when one child bites another. Biting is a normal part of a child’s progression. Because it’s so common, daycares need to be on the lookout to make sure it doesn’t happen.

At the same time, bites can cause severe injuries, especially on the delicate skin of an infant or toddler. Even though most bite marks will go away in a couple days, some can cause bleeding and permanent scarring.

Playground Injuries and Falls

Kids love playgrounds. They get to run around, climb ladders and stairs, and get the thrill of a swing or going down a slide. But, playgrounds can be dangerous. Without proper supervision, serious injuries, like broken arms, can occur. For example, playgrounds are supposed to have a soft ground so that when children fall, it will cushion the blow. Another example includes bringing children into a playground who are too young for the apparatus. A slide that’s appropriate for a 5 year old might be dangerous for a 2 year old. Finally, defects to the playground, including broken equipment, often causes injuries.

Serious Injuries

Whether it’s a cut or a scrape, young children often heal fast. But, that’s not always the case with severe injuries. Broken bones and head injuries can cause children to have lifelong limitations. Many severe injuries can cause problems in the child’s growth. A broken leg can lead to a child’s legs being different length; a broken arm can lead to problems with a growth plate. Just as there are injuries that children bounce back from; the opposite is true as well. Some injuries that would not be as severe for an adult can be catastrophic for a small child.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

At Marcotte Law Firm, our attorneys have young children who are in daycare. They understand the trust that’s needed to have someone else watch your child. Like you probably did, they spent weeks researching the daycare options and visiting places to see which will be the best fit. To have that trust betrayed by allowing your child to be injured is incomprehensible.

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing injured children. We know how to present these claims to the insurance company, and we know how to maximize the recovery for your child.

If your child was injured at Daycare, call the experienced Daycare Injury Attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm for a free consultation.

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