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Assault & Battery

At Marcotte Law Firm in Lowell, Massachusetts, we provide compassionate and aggressive representation to individuals who have been charged with assault and battery. Our assault defense lawyers have more than 150 years of combined legal experience and know-how to build a sound defense for all of your criminal charges.

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Merrimack Valley Battery Offense Lawyers

Assault and battery charges are serious matters that need the attention of a skilled attorney. We have helped many individuals in the Lowell and Andover areas with their violent crime charges involving:

We provide sound legal advice and aggressive criminal defense to our clients. We will conduct a full investigation of your case and fight the prosecution at every turn.

Domestic Violence Representation In The Greater Lowell And Salem, New Hampshire, Areas

Assault and battery charges can be more serious when family members or loved ones are involved. These types of cases almost always involve restraining orders or orders for protection. The consequences of these court orders can be severe if not handled properly. You can rely on our domestic violence team to provide you with a tenacious defense against your charges and work to obtain the best results possible.

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To schedule a free consultation regarding your assault and battery defense, contact our law firm online or call us at 978-905-8699.

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