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Bus Accidents

When people say the word bus, there are a few different types that immediately jump to mind. First, there are the classic yellow school buses that take our kids to school. Second, there are Mass Transit buses that take us around town. Finally, there are various other types of “party” buses and smaller buses that do different things. Though they’re all different, they have one thing in common: they’re big, and they’re dangerous when driven negligently.

What Are the Types of Bus Accidents?

Bus Accidents happen in a variety of ways. However, these are the situations we have found to be the most common:

  • Car accidents with a bus: Normal car collisions sometimes happen with buses. For whatever reasons, bus drivers don’t follow the rules of the road and collide with other vehicles, causing injury.
  • Pedestrian accidents with a bus: Bus drivers are supposed to be hyper-aware of pedestrians. This is especially true of Mass Transit bus drivers and School Bus drivers, as these types of buses are constantly surrounded by pedestrians getting on or off the bus. Sometimes, bus drivers aren’t paying close enough attention and strike innocent pedestrians.
  • Bus passenger injuries: Buses don’t have seatbelts, and often passengers are not even able to sit. This means that drivers have to be vigilant to make sure they don’t make any sudden or jerky movements with the bus that could send passengers flying.
  • School busing injuries: School bus drivers are tasked with keeping the child passengers safe. This includes keeping them safe not only from collisions on the bus, but also from other dangers. This includes making sure that other traffic is stopped so that it’s safe for the children to exit the bus and making sure that there is no foul play while on the bus.
Insurance Issues With Bus Accidents

One thing to keep in mind with bus accidents is they are often covered by different types of insurance than standard passenger vehicles.

  • Self-Funded Insurance: Some buses don’t have insurance at all, instead being “self-insured.” This can affect the availability of Personal Injury Protection benefits, meaning victims might have to look elsewhere to obtain this coverage.
  • Government Owned Buses: If a bus driver is a public employee, it is likely that any recovery could be limited by Chapter 258. That law limits recovery to $100,000.00 in claims against the government. While this is usually enough insurance for most injuries, it will be insufficient for many serious and catastrophic injuries.
  • Underinsurance: Sometimes, collisions are caused by cars that don’t have enough insurance to pay for your injuries. Many vehicles have insurance to cover these situations. Often, buses will either not have that coverage, or the coverage won’t apply to passengers.
Experienced Bus Accident Lawyers

At Marcotte Law Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience representing people injured by or while riding a bus. This includes many claims against the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (“MBTA”), Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (“MVRTA”), and the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (“LRTA”). We understand the nuances of these accidents, and we know how to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you were injured in a bus accident, call the Attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation.

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