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Burn Injuries

Obtaining Maximum Damages for Burn Victims

Burn injuries are devastating. They often lead to permanent scarring that requires ongoing surgeries, skin grafts and more. Your physical identity may be changed forever and that can have a variety of long-term effects on your emotional and mental well-being. If these burns were the result of an accident, it is essential that you consult with an experienced attorney who can help you obtain the compensation you need to afford your treatment.

What Causes a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries can occur due to a variety of reasons, including many situations that the normal person would not immediately think of. These include:

  • Motorcycle accidents where there is nothing to protect someone from a scalding hot engine;
  • Kitchen accidents in restaurants that deal with ovens and ranges;
  • Residential or Commercial Fires; and
  • Backyard fire pit Accidents.

Explosion Injuries

Even with all the possibilities, the most common place that we encounter burn injuries is an explosion or chemical burn on a construction site. These accidents can fall under both personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Working through these issues alone or with an inexperienced attorney will ultimately lead to more headaches than you need. Your attorney should be helping to soften the blow of this tragic situation, not intensify it.

Burn Injuries are Severe

When most people think of burn injuries, the first thing that comes to mind i a bad sunburn or having to run your finger under cold water after touching a hot pan. In reality, burn injuries can be life altering events.

Because of the range of severity, burns are described by degree:

  • First Degree Burns: These are the most minor type or burn, as it will only affect the surface of the skin. This type of burn does not involve blisters;
  • Second Degree Burns: These burns affect not only the surface skin, but also the dermis underneath. The damage will vary depending on how much of the dermis is affected. For example, a deep partial thickness burn can be much more severe;
  • Third Degree Burns: These are full thickness burns that are even more severe. Ironically, these kinds of burns usually do not cause pain as all the nerve endings have been burned away with the skin;
  • Fourth Degree Burns: These are the most severe burns. They can be fatal as they include burning not only of the skin, but also of the underlying tissue, muscle, and bone.
Experienced Attorney

At Marcotte Law Firm, our lawyers offer our clients more than just 150 years of combined experience. We also offer a team of legal and medical professionals and experts committed to working tirelessly to ensure that you are obtaining the best treatment and compensation possible. We are dedicated to making our clients feel as comfortable as they can as we navigate the complexities of their case.

We understand the profound effects a burn injury can have on your finances, profession, self-worth, relationships and overall well-being. While we cannot change what happened, we are committed to taking the steps necessary to make sure you are getting the money you need to pursue the brightest future possible.

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To learn more about how our lawyers can help you recover after a burn injury, contact our firm. Send us an email or call 978-458,1229 to arrange a free consultation at our Lowell, Woburn, or Andover offices.

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