Why are the Insurance Companies Calling Me

If you’re in an accident, one thing you’ll notice is that you’ll start to get a lot of calls from insurance companies. Most of the time, they’ll start with an adjuster asking to make sure that you’re OK. They’re trained to do that to get you comfortable.

After that, there will be many questions. Where did the accident happen? How fast were you going? Who was in the car? Who was in the other car? Were you drinking?

Some are legitimate questions aimed to get your claim processed. Others are more sinister. The insurance companies will ask many questions hoping that you slip up and say that the accident was your fault or that you weren’t injured.

At Marcotte Law Firm, it’s always our suggestion that you consult an attorney as soon as possible. That way, it cuts down on the chances that a simple slip of the tongue can cause problems down the line when resolving your claim. Most importantly, once you a hire a lawyer, the insurance company will call your lawyer instead of you.

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