Drinking & Driving

With the holiday weekend coming up, all of us at Marcotte Law Firm would like to remind everyone to not drive if you’ve been drinking. In 2016, over 10,000 lives were taken because of car crashes involving a drunk driver. When it’s as easy as ever to get a cab or order a rideshare (or assign a designated driver) please think before you get behind the wheel.

Many believe that unless they’ve had a few drinks, it’s safe to drive. In reality, one drink can affect one’s ability to think and coordinate movement. When you’re driving a car, these two abilities are very important to ensure that you’re safe behind the wheel.

At the same time, if you’re having a party where people are drinking, keep an eye out to make sure no one else is over-indulging. If you think someone else has had too much, make sure he or she isn’t driving home. It may be an awkward situation, but it’s much better than finding out later that there was a car crash that could have been prevented.

Whether going to a barbecue, picnic, or out to dinner, always be safe and think twice before drinking and driving.

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