3 tips to help you avoid a car accident

Nobody ever wants to become the victim of a car accident, but it happens every day in Massachusetts. Often these accidents are 100% preventable. People do not pay attention when behind the wheel, or they break simple road laws, which leads to a crash. However, you do not have to sit around and wait to become the next accident statistic.

Consumer Reports explains there are things you can do to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents, even those caused by other drivers. Here are three tips you can implement to help you avoid a collision.

  1. Do not speed

Speeding is the leading cause of accidents. Speed limits are there for a reason. A lot of research and consideration went into setting them at the right speed for the road conditions. When you speed, you lower your abilities behind the wheel. You require more stopping distance and must adjust your perception of things around you. At night, if you speed, you may outdrive your headlights, meaning you may not see an obstruction in the roadway until it is too late.

  1. Use safety features

Your vehicle comes with at least the minimum safety features: seatbelts and airbags. Use them every time you are in the car. If you have advanced safety features, such as backup cameras, electronic stability control, blind-spot monitoring or lane-departure warning, then use them as well. Put your car to work for you, and let it help keep you safe.

  1. Be alert and aware

You have to pay attention when you are driving. Distracted driving is a serious problem and leads to many accidents. Do nothing but focus on driving and the roadway when you are behind the wheel. Also, avoid driving after drinking or taking drugs of any kind, including prescriptions.

Staying safe on the road is something that you have to be in control of. You are the best protection you have against bad drivers.

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