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Injuries to the hands and arms are significant. No matter our age, gender, or even the type of job we do, using our hands and arms is essential to being able to function in society. That’s why when we get in car accidents, are hurt on the job or slip and fall, hand arm and hand injuries can be devastating. Many people believe that injuries to a hand or arm can have a much greater effect on a person than an injury to a leg or foot. That is because crutches and wheelchairs can offset some of the loss of mobility that comes with an injury to your lower extremity. However, injuries to the arms and hands cannot be easily overcome with similar devices.

Dominant vs. Non-Dominant Hand

How an injury to an arm or hand affects you will be determined in large part to whether the injury was to your dominant or non-dominant hand/arm. Most of us are not ambidextrous, meaning we do most things with one arm. This ranges from the obvious, such as writing, to the more subtle, such as brushing your teeth. So, when we have an injury to a dominant hand, it can have a much larger effect on a day-to-day basis.

For example, many people think that those with desk jobs are more likely to be able to cope with an injury and not lose time from work. However, an injury to the dominant hand or arm is an exception to this rule. Whether you’re an accountant, teacher, or even a student, not being able to use a pen or pencil can make even simple tasks impossible. How do you write on a chalk-board without using your arm? How do you take a test when you can’t hold a pencil? These are the every-day activities that are affected with injuries to a dominant hand.

Bi-Lateral Injuries

Oftentimes, injuries are not just limited to one arm or hand. They can happen to both limbs at the same time. For example, an industrial accident can cause a worker’s hands to be burned at the same time. Workers can also suffer from repetitive use injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome in both hands/arms at the same time.

When both hands or arms are limited, even simple personal-care tasks can become impossible. Many people understand the obvious  limitations of these injuries, such as not being able to drive. But, it’s usually the ways people are limited at home that aren’t as obvious. Whether it’s eating, showering, or even using the bathroom, having injuries to both hands or arms simultaneously have a significant effect on a person’s quality of life.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

No matter how you injured your arms or hands, the Attorneys at Marcotte Law Firm have decades of experience getting you the compensation you deserve. We understand not only the obvious ways that these injuries affect you, but also the more subtle ways. We use that experience to present your claim effectively and compassionately to the insurance company and jury.

Whether your injury happened in a car accident, work injury, or in any other manner, call or email us for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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