Rollover Accident Attorney In Lowell

Few rollover accident victims walk away unscathed. These injuries are often serious or deadly. It is essential that you retain an experienced attorney who will carefully defend your right to fair compensation.

Accidents are not only physically damaging, but also financially debilitating. Covering costs associated with property damage, medical bills and lost wages can seem overwhelming. Insurance companies were put into place to help offset these costs and support you as you move through your healing process and get back to work. Unfortunately, many insurance companies may not offer you the compensation you deserve.

At Marcotte Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to giving our clients a voice as they stand up for their rights. Drawing on more than 150 years of combined experience, we collaborate as a team as we examine the circumstances of your rollover accident. We work with accident reconstructionists and interview any witnesses as we determine how best to help you obtain the outcome you deserve.

We have recovered payments for clients even when they have rolled over their own vehicle and the accident appeared at first to be solely our client's fault.

Rollover accidents often occur due to:

These accidents can crush or throw an individual from the vehicle. The associated injuries often affect the head, neck, spine, brain and can lead to a variety of broken bones. As soon as you retain our firm, we will put you in the care of experienced medical professionals. By hiring our firm, you are giving yourself the permission to focus on your health while we tenaciously and efficiently handle the details of your case.

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