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When you have been injured in a car accident, or have lost a family member in a wrongful death case, there are insurance implications. Unfortunately the relationship between the insured and insurer is often adversarial, each having opposite goals: while the insured wishes to recoup the maximum amount for medical bills and other related costs, it is the aim of insurance companies to supply the minimum amount. Sometimes you may be in need of the insurance protection you have paid for, but your insurance company may be saying you are not covered. We may be able to help in those circumstances too.

At Marcotte Law Firm in Lowell, Massachusetts, we help our clients obtain insurance settlements that accurately reflect their financial needs for their injuries. Contact one of our insurance law attorneys today.

Removing the Intimidation Factor

Challenging large insurance companies when your claim has been denied can be an intimidating process. Such companies have a team of medical experts, forensic specialists and investigators who look at every aspect of your accident, seeking ways to minimize their client's liability.

Our insurance law attorneys bring our own investigative resources to your case so that you stand a better chance of getting the money you are entitled to.

Your Insurance Experts

Our attorneys are well-versed in insurance law language and can clarify the often difficult jargon insurance companies use to keep you in the dark. For nearly two decades our staff has been involved in helping clients recover in car and health insurance claims. We are strong advocates on behalf of our clients — while we aim for a satisfactory settlement, we will represent you in court.

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