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Lowell Personal Injury Law Firm

Experienced, Tenacious, Compassionate

The impact an injury or accident has on all aspects of your life can be devastating and long-lasting. When you are put in this position you need an experienced advocate who will fight for you and who will understand what you're going through. At the Marcotte Law Firm, you get a team of dedicated lawyers who will help you through this difficult time and who will work long and hard to get you the best result possible.

The lawyers at the Marcotte Law Firm bring over 150 years of combined experience to their clients. Their diverse backgrounds, their legal skills and their tenacity ensure that clients are represented well in court and in settlement negotiations. Team members are recognized as experts in the personal injury area and as effective advocates. The founder, Albert J. Marcotte, received a lifetime achievement award in May of 2010 from the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys for his lifetime of work for individual clients and for the preservation of rights for all injured people. In 2012, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Greater Lowell Bar Association for his representation of clients in Lowell and throughout the Merrimack Valley.

Advocacy groups ask Michael Najjar to testify at legislative hearings and at the Division of Insurance because his knowledge of the intricacies of insurance law is unmatched in the Commonwealth. At the request of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, he has written "friend of the court" briefs dealing with broad-based issues surrounding the protection of the rights of injured people. He also teaches several seminars dealing with the intricacies of personal injury law.

When other attorneys have questions on complex legal issues they turn to the lawyers of the Marcotte Law Firm. Kenneth Butterworth applies his talent as a former news reporter toward his relentless, "out of the box" approach to difficult cases. His facility and success with Social Security Disability law in particular is unmatched. Michael Molloy brings top-notch research and writing skills to maximize his clients' results. His ability to use common sense to break down difficult issues into manageable ones reduces the stress of legal fighting. He maintains a good sense of the community in his leadership role at the local chamber of commerce, and he keeps his finger on the pulse of statewide legal trends in his leadership role at the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Not only do our attorneys keep abreast of developments in Massachusetts and New Hampshire law through their heavy involvement in influential advocacy groups, they have also played a leadership role in shaping and preserving rights and protections for injured people.

We're not afraid to take on big insurance companies and we don't shy away from difficult cases. Most importantly, we understand what our clients are going through. We want to talk to you about your case because we know how important it is to you.

Our Practice Areas

By understanding and addressing the legal needs of the communities that make up Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, we at the Marcotte Law Firm have carved a niche for ourselves, providing compelling legal assistance in the areas that matter most in our region. Although our practice's focus is on protecting the rights of personal injury victims, our experience in the legal field as a whole has prepared us to represent clients with varying legal needs.